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Selling your property in Marbella & Benahavis

You are considering selling your property. That is excellent but, while you look forward to seeing the word "SOLD" posted on the marketing, you know there are lots of things to consider along the way. 

Selling a property in Marbella & Benahavis takes much more than just placing a "for sale" sign on your facade, getting a buyer and go to Notary. Unfortunately, life makes things a little bit more complicated. As a Top Selling Team, we are here to help you in the process: from preparing the property for sale, market the property, guide you through the sale process to be sure we close for the best possible price and within the time frame you were looking for. 



  • Perform a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) of the market so you can see how is your competition.
  • Work out a price strategy considering both list price and target sales price.
  • Discuss with you all the legal aspects of the sale so you are fully inform about the legal and tax implications.
  • We have an associated Home Stager for the photos and the property that can give you the best advice in how to the present the property to attract most buyers.
  • Image is key in an internet driven selling process so we work only with professional photographers for optimal results.


  • 95% of potential buyers start their search for a dream home in internet so online presence is crucial.
  • Online marketing exposure is key so we publish in more than 50 real estate web portals, including and, facebook, youtube, issuu, etc.. 
  • Not only we deliver to internet but also to all real estate agents of the Costa del Sol, more than 1.200, through direct marketing or participation on professional real estate networks.
  • Finally, the last but not the least, we will present the property to a selection of potential buyers we have in our classified database that match with what the property offers.


  • Negotiation is about experience. Many times negotiation skills are not valued but are the ones that will put more money on your pocket. Our Top Agent team is also a strong negotiating team.
  • The knowledge of the legal aspects of selling and buying properties in Spain allows us to advice our clients on the best procedures for each aspect of the sale.
  • A closing in Spain is not difficult but requires in depth control of all the process and the people involved. Our scope is to make the process as easy and simple as possible for our clients.
  • If you need help after the closing, we are here for so. It is not about one transaction is about having clients for life.


  • Managing the sale of a property may be overwhelming and stressing if you are not use to it. If you leave it in our hands, we will inform you about the marketing being developed, the comments from buyers, the interest from agencies, etc.
  • Qualification of leads is an art. Qualifying a lead will save time to all parties involved and will produce high quality showings.
  • Follow up is an important step into the closing cicle. To an efficient follow up you need professional follow up tools.
  • But selling is not only about marketing, it is also analyzing the results, knowing where we are and taking action. 

What affects a Property Sale?

Remember that selling a property in Marbella and Benahavis is a little more difficult than it may seem at first sight. There needs to be a balance between the Three Factors That Influence the Sale of a Home. The responsibility for the proper execution of these three factors depends on the people involved in them, and just these people.


THE OWNER OF THE HOUSE: The Conservation Status

It is the responsibility of the owner of the house to prepare for the sale as if it were a "Show Flat" in a Housing Development, always impeccable, with neutral colors, everything works, everything flows, this will bring you the most visitors and influence their decision to buy. Well, the owner has to prepare the house so that it is in the best condition possible and presentation. Remember that each visit of potential buyers is crucial. Any one of them could be the ultimate.




Unfortunately, the purchase price of a house is decided by buyers who make offers on the price they are willing to pay. The price is never fixed, will vary up or down depending on the laws of "Supply and Demand", as well as other influences that can receive external (unstable situation of the economy, lack of financing to buyers, urban problems , etc). The price at which you originally bought the house, the reforms that have been made, the price at which the neighbors have sold years ago or sentimental or emotional value that is in every house, they are not valued by buyers. In today's market, buyers have "immediate access" to all properties that are for sale on the Internet, in a simple and quick way. This situation is very positive if your home has a very attractive price but it may be negative if there are other similar houses for sale at more competitive and interesting prices than yours. All buyers prefer to visit the more attractive looking sale before the latter, thus your chance of a sale decreases dramatically until all of these houses with more attractive prices than yours have been sold and yours is left in the top search engines and portals. 



THE AGENT WHO SELLS THE HOUSE: Advertising and Marketing

The only full responsibility of the Agent is to achieve maximum diffusion of your home by all possible ways of advertising and marketing, locally, nationally and internationally. Buyers are still conducting active searches of homes, so they have to find yours in order to contact you, request more information and want to make an appointment to visit. Ask your agent to explain well how they will achieve maximum exposure of your home, locally, nationally and internationally. What marketing activities and advertising are in place as well as working with other real estate agencies, not only locally, but also in the rest of Spain and the World.


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