What are the three factors that influence the sale of your property (I)?

Selling real estate is a little bit more difficult that it may be seem at first sight. There are three factors that influence the sale of a property: the conservation status, the price and the marketing. The conjunction of these three is what will drive the sale. Different people influenced each of these three factors and have a direct impact on them and, the importance here, is that the sale of the property depends on these relevant factors and people. Each factor has an associated influencer.

On this first chapter, I am going to analyze the first factor: The Conservation Status of the Property.


The influencer in the Conservation Status of a property is the Owner of the Property. Specially in the Benahavís and Marbella market with the higher levels of competition to sale a property.

I published an article last month regarding Home Staging and it applies directly to this really important factor that many times is left aside by owners when selling their properties. It is the responsibility of the owner to prepare the property as if it is a “show apartment” in a housing development. That means that it should be always impeccable, with neutral colors, where everything works and flows, without any repellent odors and depersonalized. This will bring the most visitors and will influence positively their decision to buy. The owner has to remember that each and every visit is crucial and the first impression when a potential buyer gets into a property may drive to a purchase decision.

I liked the charts Maria Martos published in her article about Home Staging in my last month’s newsletter so I am going to reproduce them again here for their relevance to this article.


Days on the market and negotiation rate with and without Home Staging


Difference in price with and without Home Staging