What are the three factors that influence the sale of your property (III)?

Going back to my previous article on the three factors that influence the sale of a property - the conservation status, the price and the marketing - and the fact that the conjunction of these three is what will drive the sale, I will discus in this chapter the one that, is mostly on the hands of the real estate agents, the Marketing.


 The key person in the Marketing factor is the real estate agent that manages the sale of a property.

 The main responsibility of the agent hired to sell a property is to achieve maximum exposure and diffusion of the home by all possible ways of advertising and marketing, locally, nationally and internationally.

 Those buyers conducting actively searches for properties similar to the one for sale should be able to find that property through any of the marketing canals the agent is distributing the property to and generate the interest to visit the property as the first step for a potential sale.

 Every agent should have a Marketing Plan with all the marketing actions that are being to be implementedto achieve the maximum exposure required for the sale of a property. In our days, that Marketing Plan should include online and offline marketing actions of multiple nature: web pages, real estate portals, flyers, video, facebook, informing collaborating real estate agents about the property the agent is trying to sell, open houses, flyers, brochures, newsletters, boards, etc...

 In summary, a property may have the best price of the market but if no one knows that is for sale, I will not generate traffic and it will not sell.

Marketing piece villa for sale Benahavis
Marketing piece web villa for sale Benahavis
Marketing piece facebook villa for sale Benahavis