What should I do to sell my property? — 4. Prepare the marketing material - photos

Now that you have decided to sell and that the property has been prepared for that, the next step is to prepare the marketing material for its distribution. Two major differentiating factors: photos and description. A property with a set of photos that do not fully represent the property and a poor description will not attract potential buyers. In this article and due to the examples I am showing, I will refer only to the photography.


A photo should get the most of your property. Don’t do photos with mobile phones or tablets. Photos should mainly show the ampleness of the property and the light. Show only what is relevant: a photo of an uncluttered storage does not add any value to a property. If you want potential buyers to know that you have an storage, mention it in the description but do not show a poor photo of it. My main recommendation: if you are not a professional, hire one. It is worth what you pay for the attraction professional photos generate. In any case, there are some important points to consider:


1.- Show the light. This is not easy on bright properties. If you want the photo to show the brightness of the interior, the windows will look burnt. On the other side, if you want to show the exterior, the interior will look dark. There are tricks to touch the photos to avoid this effect using software to edit photos but it is not basic editing. Other option is to take the photo early in the morning or late in the evening when there is not a lot of exterior brightness. The use of flash does not help either because it creates unwanted reflects and shadows.

fotos 1.JPG

2.- Show the ampleness. Although it may not be the nicest photo of a room, the photos taken from corners show more space and the rooms look bigger. The use of wide angular lens are recommended if you know how to use them. These lens tend to distort the photos and in many cases these photos should be “touched” to correct these distortions. Additionally and in order not to show too much ceiling, the photos should be taken at chest height not at eyes height.

fotos 2.JPG