Secrets to photograph your property for sale

I’d like to give you 3 useful hints, which will help you to prepare your home for the sale.

When you decide to sell your property, you need to consider different aspects, that can have a big impact. The most important ones are: the condition of the property, the price and the marketing.  
It happens very often, that in the internet we find pictures, which not only don’t look attractive but even have the opposite effect and make the potential customer avoid it.  

Follow these 3 steps, which will help you to improve a lot the presentation of your property:

  1. Despersonalize your home. This means that you should take away elements, which could disctract the potential buyer from having a full and free view of the living space. These are for example photographs, decorative objects with personal significance, reli-gious objects and so on. Sometimes we think, that decoration will turn the rooms more attractive but this is proven to be wrong. Anyway, if you are liv-ing in the property for sale , of course you cannot remove everything but we simply recommend you to follow the rule “less is more”.  
  2. Tidy up your home as if it was a show flat. It’s very important, that your home looks almost like a show property. Even if you are living there, you have to behave as if you were not. You should be aware, that the house won’t belong to you anymore and you should always present it as if it was an empty show property. This will help you to achieve the best results.  
  3. Take the pictures from corners, in order to have a wider angle. You’ll always achieve a wider range and higher luminosity from the corners of all spaces. In the example of the picture you can see on the right, we posi-tioned ourselves in the left corner of the terrace because on the left side there were some abandoned buildings.  In this way we managed to leave out the less attractive elements in order to optimize the presentation of the property.

Following these 3 simple rules for sure you’ll improve a lot the presentation of your property and to attract more potential buyers. 

Always remember that there’s no second chance for a first impression.

Know more about Charly Simon:

Charly Simon Photo is a professional photography agency in Marbella, special-ized in Real Estate photography. The team consists of professionals, who are in continuous training and use the latest technology tools available.  

Their philosophy is:  
“Selling emotion, creating in the client’s mind the desired image.“