What should I do to sell my property?

There are a number of steps you have to follow when selling a property not only in Spain but also in every corner of the world. I am summarizing those in this article and I will detail them in coming newsletters.

1.– Decide if it is worth selling or not.

Get info on the local real estate market your property is located at. Is the market slow or hot? How about the inventory and the prices? Going up or down? Every neighborhood has high real estate seasons when most properties sell. Is it the right time to sell? Have you done your maths? Do you know your net after the selling?

2.– Prepare your property for the sale.

Every property has to look like a model home to attract potential buyers. Have your read about home staging tips? Depersonalize, small repairs, declutter, etc. If you are thinking on putting your property on the market, it is the time to do it.

3.– Estimate a competitive market price for the property

Try to fix a competitive market price for your property leaving aside personal emotions that the buyers are not going to account for. Get comparables and work out, depending on the market conditions and your needs, i.e. if the prices are going up or down, the pricing strategy.

4.– Prepare the marketing material

Look for a professional photographer to get the most of your property. Don’t do mobile photos. Photos should show the ampleness of the property, the light and should be “touched” the get the most of them. If you are not a professional, hire one.

5.– Prepare an effective Marketing Plan

Your property may be priced competitively but if no ones sees it, it won’t sell. Work it out so you know which are the following steps on the process.

6.– Hire a professional agent

A professional agent will help you to set a competitive price, to prepare a Marketing Plan, will take emotions out of the transaction, will sort out the problems that, in every transaction, appear during the process and will negotiate better for you.