Increasing stock of properties for sale in Benahavis does not help.

The numbers on the market seem to be stable and growing except by one, the stock of properties for sale. Every quarter I do an estimation, since data is not officially available, that does not give an exact number but, at least, provides the tendency.



Inventory Benahavis 3T 2018 EN.JPG

Looking closely to the data of Benahavis, it can be observed the same tendency that I have been commenting in my latest newsletters, that is a continuous increase in the number of properties for sale. That increase is observable not only for villas that has had that same tendency in the last five years but also, and that has changed last year, in the number of apartments. We all have seen new developments of apartments coming out to the market on a market that is not able to absorb the existing inventory. Therefore, the slight increase in the number of sales is not able to absorb the increasing inventory and that affects directly the prices. More competition means that only properties priced competitively will be sold. On the other hand, and if we look to Marbella, it can be noticed a decrease in the number of apartments below 250.000 € and a stable inventory for more expensive apartments and villas. The situation is good for those selling properties below the 250.000 € range but still complicated for those selling properties on top of that value. In this case, the increase in sales is maintaining the inventory stable but with an oversupply of properties that still situates us on a buyer’s market.  Maybe not on prime locations but in general.


Inventory Marbella 3T 2018 EN.JPG