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Are you looking to sell now or in the near future? If so, the first and most important factor to get an idea of "what will you net from a sale today?" before deciding to put your home on the market.


Where to get a general home value idea...

You can visit the existing real estate websites where you can get an approximate idea of what your home is worth based on the asking prices of surrounding homes in your community or area. 



Why isn't this enough?

In today’s market there are dozens of other factors that affect both what your home will sell for today and how long it will take. 

  • Have you done any upgrades? 
  • Is your home in better condition than those around you? 
  • Are your mortgage balances close to the value of your home? 
  • How is the market?

These are just a small sample of the type of questions you need to understand before getting an accurate home value estimation. Use the form below and we will go beyond the level of just looking at comparable properties in your neighborhood. We will provide you what we call a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) that is a complete and thorough analysis of what it would take to sell your home in your given time frame and tell you at what value. You want an updated snapshot of the the value as market conditions are in continuous evolution.

When you receive the report, you will be able to decide to list your property or to wait for better market conditions. Either way, we will give you the tools and advice to take an informed decision.


Comparative Market Analysis Request Form

This Comparative Market Analysis is complementary. It does not have any cost to you.

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